Osteopaths Sydney

Recent data show that osteopathy is the fastest growing health profession in the country. As per the Private Health Insurance Administration Council (PHIAC), there was a 48% bump in osteopaths Sydney consultations in the last two years. On the other hand, manual medical practice like chiropractic and physiotherapy only had 7% and 11% increase, respectively.

But why this sudden growth? The primary reason is that the public is starting to become aware of the amazing benefits that osteopathy brings. Just by word of mouth, patients who had an incredible experience with osteopathic treatments are sharing their practical knowledge and exposure to it. In addition, more osteopaths Sydney clinics that offer various services for adults, such as osteopathy, are turning up across the state.

Osteopaths Sydney Clinics

  • Central Sydney Osteopathy

7 Northumberland Avenue, Stanmore, NSW 2048
Ph (02) 9557.3176

Central Sydney Osteopathy has provided allied health services to Sydneysiders since 1989. The practice assures that the patients are only dealing with the creme of the crop health care professionals. In addition, they guarantee that everyone will have quality, safe, budget-friendly and cost-effective allied health care services, such as osteopathic medicine, chiropractic and acupuncture.

Central Sydney Osteopathy gives 15% discount to the patients upon their first visit. Basically, this osteopaths Sydney clinic delivers a standard, complete treatment to everyone, except if they have a serious condition that calls for referral to another health care specialist. Nonetheless, your first visit will always entail the identification of the root cause of your condition, the therapies that can relieve you from your problem, and the outline of your treatment plan.

  • Sydney Health Professionals

5/88 Mountain St., Ultimo, NSW 2007
Ph 1300.067.836

Sydney Health Professionals believes that health care services must be patient-centred. In this osteopaths Sydney clinic, the patients are involved in all facets of the treatment; from choosing the therapy to devising the exercise program. Their experienced practitioners will proceed in a leisurely fashion in discussing all points of the diagnosis and in exploring possible courses of treatment.

The clinic, which is nestled right at the heart of Broadway, is neat and tidy, and relaxing. Despite being situated next at a busy road, you won’t hear any disturbing, outside noise. Sydney Health Professionals strives to promote a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere inside their osteopaths Sydney clinic.

  • Taylor Square Osteopathy & Acupuncture

4/407 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Ph (02) 9360.2063

Taylor Square Osteopathy & Acupuncture is strategically located within a walking distance from the CBD and the Town Hall. Its primary osteopath, Dr. Gino Lo Plato, is hailed by his patients as “the Osteopaths of the Osteopaths”, mainly because of his skills and approach in fixing the patient’s problem. Among the services he provides include osteopathy and acupuncture for sciatica, neck pain, insomnia and depression.

This osteopaths Sydney clinic charges $90 per 45-minute consultation. The fee is quite reasonable, considering that Dr. Gino’s expertise and customer service are quite remarkable. Moreover, the patients love how Dr. Gino is sincere in taking care of them. He always wears a smile, exudes professionalism on all occasions, and gives FREE practical advices on how to avoid the patient’s condition from relapsing.

  • Manly Osteopaths

1/149-153 Sydney Rd, Fairlight, NSW 2094
Ph (02) 9977.8000

Manly Osteopaths takes pride in their reputation for delivering outstanding health care in a warm and friendly osteopaths Sydney clinic. They provide osteopathic treatments, cranial osteopathy and visceral manipulation for acute disorders, women’s and men’s health concerns, emotional issues and musculoskeletal disorders.

The practitioners at Manly Osteopaths are convinced that osteopathy is the best holistic approach to a person’s health and well-being. As such, they treat their patients as a whole, and not on a symptomatic basis. Moreover, they promote self-healing through assisted osteopathic treatment. This osteopaths Sydney clinic encourages everyone to receive osteopathic care even if they are not in pain. Remember that prevention is better than cure. To experience first hand the wonderful benefits of osteopathy, you can schedule an appointment online to Manly Osteopaths.