osteopaths Bondi

Osteopaths Bondi clinics are trusted by athletes, businessmen, company employees, and even by ordinary Australians like farmers and production workers, in helping them recuperate from back injuries from big Bondi kitchens, or from sustained work-related injuries. Contrary to most people think, the expertise of osteopaths is not limited to the bones and muscles of your back or neck. Truth be told, they can address various ailments — from mechanical problems to neuromusculoskeletal system.

A lot of people can benefit from osteopathic treatments. For instance, office workers who are suffering from back pain because of sedentary work can seek relief from osteopaths Bondi clinics. In addition, osteopathy can do good for pregnant women, as osteopathic treatments aid in improving the spine’s position and alignment. If you are ready to make the most of osteopathy, listed here are osteopaths Bondi clinics that you can visit.

Osteopaths Bondi Clinics

  • Eastern Suburbs Osteopathy

Suite 603, 282-290 Oxford St., Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
Ph (02) 9386.5200

Osteopaths Suburbs Osteopathy works hard for “Excellence in Osteopathy and Human Mechanics”, as their tag line reads on the website. Sure enough, they get to deliver outstanding diagnosis, treatment and management of their patients’ niggling complaints. These include administering osteopathic techniques for back pain, colic in children and infants, sports injuries, joint pain, and even infertility in women.

One of their osteopaths, Dr. Manu Wakely, is hailed by his patients as a biomechanical genius. Not only does he diagnose the source of his patients’ problems, but also successfully address them through rehabilitative exercises. Moreover, he conducts a systematic way of testing in finding out what triggers the pain or discomfort, unlike other professionals engaged in this field. You can experience an excellent osteopathic care at Eastern Suburbs Osteopathy. Truly, they are one of the best osteopaths Bondi clinics.

  • Dan Turner Osteopath

Suite 403, Level 4, 2 Grosvenor St., Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
Ph (02) 9369.5672

If you are in constant, unbearable pain, Dan Turner Osteopath can help you. Among the conditions they deal with are acute neck pain, scoliosis, sports injuries and osteoarthritis. The clinic is nestled at the heart of Bondi Junction, which is a conducive spot as they sits right next to a shopping centre. After being liberated from their suffering, patients can make merry in the establishment next door.

Patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment, either by calling them directly or through online booking. The initial consultation costs $110, while follow-up visits cost $100. That said, health fund rebates are given on the same day of their consultation, through their HICAPS terminal.

  • Massage & Osteopathy

32 Ebley St., Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
Ph (02) 9386.1322

Those who are looking for not just great, but awesome osteopaths Bondi clinic should head straight to Ebley Street. Massage & Osteopathy promises to deliver only the best services to their patients. Every treatment, whether a massage or osteopathy, is distinctly geared to alleviate your pain while feeling revitalised.

A lot of their patients can attest that Massage & Osteopathy is the haven for your relaxation needs. In addition, their osteopathic treatments are guaranteed to relieve you from pain and distress resulting from sciatica, muscle strain and spasm, and migraine, among others. After every session, the customers will float out, thanks to the osteopath who always finds the knots and works the right amount of pressure.

  • Chris Jones Osteo

251 Oxford St., Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
Ph (02) 9389.6344

Chris Jones Osteo is one of the trusted osteopaths Bondi clinics. In fact, Chris Jones, its owner and an osteopath, specialises in treating musculoskeletal problems and in managing sports injuries. He pursued post-graduate education on osteopathy for newborns to master the technique in cranial osteopathy among babies. In addition, he co-authored a journal article on osteopathic treatment for pregnant women, which is published in the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. Ever since becoming a member of the Australian Osteopathic Association back in 2002, his family-oriented osteopaths Bondi clinic has been helping people with their muscle conditions.

What the patients of Chris Jones Osteo love about the practice is that they are more than just an osteopaths Bondi clinic. Chris works closely with his patients in determining the habits and nuances that are instrumental in the development of their patients’ problems. Through a combination of their signature osteopathic treatments, patients are assured that they will be disencumbered from the pain and that there will be no more relapses.